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Corsair RM550x Power Supply Review

The lowest-capacity unit Corsair's RMx line outputs up to 550W and is 80 PLUS Gold-certified. It features fully modular cabling, offers great performance and is nearly silent throughout its operating range, too.

Cross-Load Tests And Infrared Images

Our cross-load tests are described in detail here.

To generate the following charts, we set our loaders to auto mode through our custom-made software before trying more than 1500 possible load combinations with the +12V, 5V and 3.3V rails. The load regulation deviations in each of the charts below were calculated by taking the nominal values of the rails (12V, 5V and 3.3V) as point zero.

Load Regulation Charts

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Efficiency Chart

Efficiency isn't up to the levels that we expected in our cross-load tests based on what we already saw in our normal benchmarks. Don't get us wrong: these results are still pretty good for a Gold-rated PSU. However, it seems that applying more than 60W of combined load to the minor rails hits efficiency hard, yielding scores under 90%.

Ripple Charts

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Infrared Images

Toward the end of the cross-load tests, we took some photos of the PSU with our modified FLIR E4 camera that delivers 320x240 IR resolution (76,800 pixels).

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Semi-passive operation and low fan speeds have the effect of higher internal temperatures. Corsair doesn't seem to worry about this though, and you probably shouldn't either. After all, the operating temperatures inside a chassis with proper airflow will be much lower than what we measured under our hot box's harsh conditions.