Creative Labs MuVo: The Singing Diskette

A Different Vision For A Personal Stereo

No one would argue with the fact that the digital personal stereo with memory represents the ultimate solution for listening to music while on the move. The MP3 personal stereo with memory represents the obvious choice for listening when you are out and about. There are no moving parts, so the device is largely shockproof and does not wear out. This means that it can happily be used while playing sports or working out, no matter how strenuously. Ill-treating the personal stereo is not a problem either because of its sturdy construction.

Another advantage is that the absence of any kind of mechanism and the economical power consumption means that it can be highly miniaturized, so it is light as a feather and has an enviable battery life. The device is almost the size of a credit card and weighs less than 3 1/2 ounces (100 grams), with more than ten hours continuous listening (standard). In fact, more and more manufacturers of personal stereos are opting for rechargeable batteries, although it's ridiculous. In view of the low energy consumption, a single AAA battery is sufficient. It only weighs a few grams, you can buy one anywhere, and it means you don't have to shlep a charger along with all your other stuff.

A few miserable party-poopers who are finicky music-lovers will always claim that MP3 reproduction is not good enough and that an audiophile would not be satisfied with the inferior quality. These arguments should be summarily dismissed. It's true that MP3 compression does not offer perfect results, especially as music quality varies considerably with this type of sound. But nevertheless, when listening on the move in conditions that are far from ideal, MP3 is perfectly acceptable.