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Creative Labs MuVo: The Singing Diskette

A Brilliant Idea

The suggested retail price of the MuVo 64 is $149 (179 euros), but you'll find them being sold on the Internet in the United States for $115. You'll have to wait for it to become available in Europe, because it is unlikely to be marketed before the end of September. It would have been nice if the product had been less expensive, but quite honestly, the product is a stroke of genius.

The idea of having a miniature, fast super-diskette that can be used as a portable hard drive for transporting data during the week, and, at the same time, serves as a miniature MP3 reader for the weekend, is an intelligent combination of uses, something that is long overdue. Of course, it may not have a high-fidelity, top-of-the-range sound, but in view of the versatility and the cost, that's a price well worth paying.


ManufacturerCreative Labs
FunctionsUSB key and MP3 reader
Music FormatsMP3 and WMA
Memory Size64 MB
Weight28 grams
Power supply1 AAA battery
AccessoriesEarphones,Carrying loop
S.R.P.US$149 (179 euros)