Divx 6: High-Resolution Video Saves Space

A Comparison Of Codecs: Divx Vs. WMV9 Vs. MPEG-2

The software used in testing the different codecs: Tmpg Encoder from Pegasys. Our test video is available in 16:9 format - the specification of 720x576 pixels (4:3) is incorrect.

A summary comparison of different video compression formats: at an extremely low data rate of 250 kBit/s, Divx 6 and 5.2.1 are unbeatable. The WMV9 codec exhibits obvious blurring. All DVD movies still use MPEG-2, a codec that is outdated and has big problems at lower data rates.

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Video FormatFile TypeBit RateImage & SoundMinimum bit ratefor good qualityMemory needed for60 min. of filmStandalone DVD playerplayback possibleVideo qualityDolby DigitalAudio
DVAVI29000 kBit/s29000 kBit/s12700 MBnoexcellentno
Divx 5.xAVI10 bis 16000 kBit/s1500 kBit/s660 MByesexcellentyes
XviDAVI10 bis 16000 kBit/s1500 kBit/s660 MByesgoodyes
MPEG-1MPG1374 kBit/s1374 kBit/s600 MBnovery pooryes
MPEG-2VOB1200 bis 9800 kBit/s6000 kBit/s2600 MByesexcellentyes
QuicktimeMOV10 bis 32000 kBit/s1700 kBit/s750 MBnosatisfactory to goodno
Windows MediaWMV4 bis 20000 kBit/s2000 kBit/s880 MBnogoodno

Overview and evaluation of the most important video formats.