Divx 6: High-Resolution Video Saves Space

Video Quality Vs. Data Rate

Video quality comparison: here we converted video into Divx 6 at varying data rates and enlarged the same segment. Even at a low rate of 250 kBit/s, the quality is still okay - even the "old" codec 5.2.1 can do that. In computing-intensive "best" mode, the detail becomes even sharper, with a data rate of 1750 kBit/s.

The setting shown drives up computing time immensely. There's not a lot of additional improvement in quality versus normal settings.

HD Video Quality: Divx Vs. WMV9

Comparison between Divx and WMV9 using HD video at 1280x720 pixels: add in a data rate of 4000 kBit/s, and both codecs obtained similar results.

Only Microsoft's Media Player 10 or Powerdvd 6 can handle video in full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.