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Four Keyboards And Four Mice For LAN Party Gamers, Rounded-Up

Logitech G500 And G9x

Logitech G500

Sporting a braided cable, adjustable DPI, and interchangeable weights, the Logitech G500 is quite clearly marketed towards gamers. With that said, there’s also nothing terribly unique about this mouse. The G500 is basically the latest refresh of Logitech's long-running wired, palm-grip mouse, and still one of the most popular products in its line of gaming peripherals. However, with the proliferation of high-end claw-grip gaming-oriented mice, the more traditional shape of the G500 seems a little pedestrian these days.

Five programmable buttons near the thumb rest, a mechanical button below the scroll wheel, and a battery indicator set the G500 apart from standard mice. The scroll wheel can be set to incremental clicks or free scrolling via that mechanical button below it.

Like all of the mice in today's round-up, Logitech's G500 has a compartment for adjustable weights to further customize the way this mouse feels as it tracks across your pad.

With outrageous products like the Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E becoming more common, the G500 is a utilitarian option for today's sophisticated PC gamer. Its suggested price tag of $70 is too close to some of the lower-end "extreme" gaming mice, though.

Logitech G9x

Next on the list is Logitech’s diminutive G9x. Like the G500, this mouse also sports interchangeable weights to further customize its feel. Personalization goes one step further, though, with a set of interchangeable grips. The frame in the image below is both soft and wide, while the other is narrower and purportedly designed to counter the effect of sweaty palms.

In our testing, we weren’t able to discern any significant difference between the two grips other than their textures. Ultimately, you're looking at a decision based on personal preference.

The G9x shares the G500's laser sensor, so expect them to perform similarly in testing. In fact, the two Logitech mice are separated only by shell design and price. Expect to pay $80 for a G9x, making this the priciest mouse in today’s round-up (though, as of this writing, Newegg has it selling for $60).