Goodbye, Ti? Abit's Siluro GF3 Vio Faces Off Against The Establishment

The Competitors: Other GeForce3 Cards, Continued

  • Asus V8200 Deluxe
    The Asus board can be recognized by its golden coolers for the GPU and the memory. Experts will also see that the design of the Asus V8200 differs from Nvidia's reference design. There are two versions available: the Deluxe version that we received for review in July comes with Asus' VR-100G 3D glasses, while the Pure version does not even have TV-out.
    The Deluxe edition also has a video encoder/decoder chip, the Philips SAA7108E. This chip provides basic video in and out capabilities, but does not replace video editing solutions.
  • Elsa Gladiac 920
    Elsa's graphics board sticks to the Nvidia reference design and comes with TV-out (Brooktree BT869). Also, the drivers haven't been altered much.
  • Gainward CARDEXpert GeForce3
    Gainward has a red PCB which is certainly eye-catching. There are no games included, but it does include Ulead Video Studio and 3Deep. This card is fairly similar to Abit's Siluro GeForce3. Gainward's ExperTool utility (part of the drivers) provides an easy way to overclock both the GPU and the video memory. If you are interersted in that, please check out the link to the CARDEXpert GeForce3.
  • Hercules 3DProphet GeForce3
    The blue board from Hercules/Guillemot comes with TV-out only, as the Conexants CX25871 does not support TV-in. The Hercules drivers have been enhanced by a clock frequency tab in order to make overclocking as easy as possible.
  • Leadtek WinFast GeForce3
    A single heat sink is used for both the GPU and the graphics memory, which is generally seen as a disadvantage, as the memory inevitably heats up. Leadtek successfully rearranged the drivers, making it very simple to adjust everything. They also include overclocking software called SpeedRunner.
  • MSI Starforce 822
    MSI sticks to the Nvidia reference design. StarForce 822 is attractively priced, bundled with two games, and supports both TV-in and TV-out. The look and feel of the Nvidia reference drivers have been changed, but there is not much extra value save for basic overclocking functions.
  • Visiontek GeForce3
    Visiontek also stays with the Nvidia reference design and comes with a simple TV-out and few add-ons.