Goodbye, Ti? Abit's Siluro GF3 Vio Faces Off Against The Establishment

Test Setup

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System Hardware
ProcessorAMD Athlon-C, 1200 MHz/133 MHz FSB (DDR)
MotherboardABit KG7, AMD760 Chipset
Memory256 MB DDR SDRAM, Infineon
Hard Disk30 GB, IBM DTLA-307030, UltraATA/100
GeForce3 Graphics Cards
ABit Siluro GeForce3 Viov12.00 Ref. (ABit offers 14.10 on their website now, we took the reference version for comparison reasons)
GeForce2 GTS, Prov12.00 Ref.
GeForce2 Ultrav12.00 Ref.
ASUS AGP - V8200ASUS v12.10 Beta
Visiontek GF3v12.00 Ref.
ELSA GLADIAC 920ELSA v12.40 Beta
Hercules 3DP 3v12.00 Ref. (Vendor driver n/a)
Gainward CARDEXp.Gainward Driver Release v12.00
Leadtek WinFast GF3Leadtek Driver Release v12.00
MSI StarForce 822MSI Drivers Release v12.00
Driver and Software
IDE/AGP driverVIA 4 in 1 V4.32
DirectX Version8.0a
Operating SystemWindows 98 SE, Version 4.10.2222 A
Benchmarks and Settings
Quake III ArenaRetail Version 1.16command line = +set cd_nocd 1 +set s_initsound 0Graphics detail set to 'Normal'Benchmark using 'Q3DEMO1'
EvolvaDirectX 7, T&L
MDK2OpenGL, HW Lighting
Aquamarkv2.1 DirectX 8, T&L, Pixel & Vertex ShaderGeForce3 Settings: Pixel Shader = YESGeForce2 Settings: Pixel Shader = NO
Quake 3v1.17 OpenGL, HW TransformationNorm Setting: Quake 3 Standard NormalHQ+T Setting: Quake 3 High Quality & Max. Texture Resolution
DroneZOpenGL, Pixel & Vertex ShaderGeForce3 Settings: GeForce3 BumpGeForce2 Settings: GeForce2 Bump (n/a)
MBTRv1.09 DirectX 7, No T&LSettings: TNT/GeForce, Ansiotropic
3D Mark 2000v1.1 DirectX 7 T&LSettings: T&L, Athlon 3D Now
3D Mark 2001DirectX 8 T&L, Pixel & Vertex ShaderGeForce3 Settings: Pure HW T&L, Athlon 3DNowGeForce2 Settings: T&L, Athlon 3DNow

In order to arrive at a fair comparison, we did not change the test setup that we used for our initial GeForce3 graphics card round-up. There's just one thing to mention about the drivers we used: back in July, the latest reference driver set was ver. 12.00. All other versions that were developed by graphics card manufacturers are based on this version. Nowadays, the Detonator 4 is also available (version 2x.xx), which boosts up the performance of any GeForce2 / GeForce3 graphics card considerably! Abit offers version 14.10 on their FTP server, and this is also faster than the reference version 12.00.

Using any newer version would have forced us to re-test all other GeForce3 cards with the latest drivers as well - which would merely increase the performance level by a few percent, but would not change the overall result. That's why we stuck with version 12.00 for testing.