MSI's AMD Gaming M7 Line: Refined Excellence

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Value & Final Analysis

The following chart does not make this section any easier from a reviewer perspective. On the one hand, the Gigabyte scores better in performance testing and efficiency measurements when compared against the MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC. In the other, we enjoy a cleaner overclocking experience and the form and function of the MSI board is just a tad ahead. If I was to enumerate a “User Experience” bar into the chart, the MSI X470 would have a 103% as opposed to Gigabytes 97%.

Taking pricing into account, with the MSI board coming in $10 less than Gigabyte, it is able to snatch the value crown at the time of writing. As we all know, boards go on sale often and rebates are available at most e-tailers on any given week. If the price is right, either board can win this chart. However, we are comfortable saying that the MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC is the better board and with comparable specs to the Gigabyte saving a few bucks for a better experience wins.

Unfortunately, many of these X370 boards are hard to come by from standard outlets and it’s safe to say that buyers beware of what you are getting into. However, this value statement is completely relevant: if you do not need the features specifically offered from X470, X370 is alive and well in this day and age. Getting an older top-tier board with a 2700X and GTX 1080 will give you a killer experience and save you $90 bucks at the same time.

In summary, MSI made a great product with their Gaming M7 line and Tom’s appreciates it and awards both boards a Tom’s Hardware Recommended badge.

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    I don't think anyone's ever owned a BMW M7, as no such vehicle has ever existed, but...
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    Further proof why I've never owned one! There's the M760i, so do I get partial credit?