Printing Your Own CDRs With Ink

How We Tested The Epson 900 & 960, Continued

Since the Memorex had the brightest white surface, it came as no surprise that the 900 had the best looking results when printing on this media. The colors were crisp and bright. It was the best result when printing with the 900 that we were able to achieve, but it still could not hold a candle to the 960 when printing on the Memorex media.

The Verbatim media had the some issues trying to figure out if the surface of the media was white or silver. This combination of surface gives the user a good effect, but the colors appear to be a bit washed out when compared to the Imation and Memorex printed on the 900.

The Taiyo Yuden due to the silver surface can't really be compared with the other media as the results achieved with this media is totally different. The color seems in many ways to go sort of flat with almost a chrome like effect. We noticed this chrome like effect in the letting our test CDR.