Printing Your Own CDRs With Ink

The Bundled Epson Print CD Software

Depending on your experience with other CDR print software, you will find the bundled Epson Print CD software either very simple to use, or quite limited when compared to other software. There is a variety of other software available for printing labels that you can affix to your CDRs. Personally, we are and have been big fans of the SureThing CD Labeler Deluxe for some time; this full featured labeling program provides a full featured, flexible environment to handle not only your CDR labeling needs but the labeling needs of nearly any type of adhesive label that can be attached to a wide variety of media. With the Epson Print CD software, quite honestly it felt like we were taking a step backward.

A screen shot of the Epson Print CD software in action.

This is not to say that the Epson Print CD software isn't capable of getting the job done. In fact, it is sufficiently robust to handle most tasks well and to produce some fancy looking printed media. The included templates, sample images and examples provided in the software are somewhat limited, however. As expected, the Epson Print CD software only supports printable optical media. While a custom mode is supported, from what we could tell this would only be useful for round media - a distinct limitation of the software utility beyond printing optical media with it.

The software does support an interesting "blur" setting which can be used to create some different effects with the software. The software supports the normal variety of file import features, as well a variety of guides to help the user achieve a well aligned professional look. The text features are adequate and offer support for all of the major font modes. There are also several special features, such as shadowing and distortion, which allow for some additional creativity.