Printing Your Own CDRs With Ink

The Bundled Epson Print CD Software, Continued

Here is a screen shot from SureThing with the 900 template loaded. SureThing might be a lot better investment for the expert who is really looking to create some amazing printed media using the 900 or 960.

Overall, we found the included Epson Print CD software version 1.10A to be good. The program was stable and it did not crash or cause us any problems. We did appreciate that we had more control over the print process than we did with the SureThing CD Labeler. SureThing, on the other hand, is far more full featured and offers an almost endless supply of templates from which to work in order to design and print your media. Since SureThing offers template support for both the 900 and 960, this made it easy for us to use the 900 and 960 with SureThing's software. While the printer control with SureThing was not as full featured as the Epson software, we were able to align the printer to print great looking optical media with SureThing software.

Although we still elected to use the Epson Print CD software for our testing, we were far more pleased with the media that we were able to create with the SureThing software. For the beginner, the Epson Print CD software will be more than enough to get the job done and to help them create nice looking media. For the expert, we suggest SureThing might be more appropriate, as it has more features that will allow the experienced user to create some truly amazing end results with this software.