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RAID on Rye

Power Up And Pray

THG: Were you nervous when you first turned the toaster on? I suppose you haven't figured out a way of using the original lever on the toaster to turn it on?

Dave Goeke: Not yet :-) After wiring up the power supply, motherboard and drives it is time to power up. Do this with caution. Connect the power from a strip with a circuit breaker and an on-off switch. I'd even recommend wearing safety glasses and leather gloves, and have a fire extinguisher within reach. Chant your mantra, pray, bow to Mecca, genuflect, hold your breath, step back, and turn it on. Most of my mistakes were real bonehead numbers, like not connecting a cable or forgetting to plug in power; but once or twice I have made sparks fly, caused a fire, or tripped all the lights at work.


THG: Thank you very much for offering this opportunity to have a look inside your toasters. I have to say this is one of the craziest projects I have ever heard of. Congratulations!

Dave Goeke: I started building computers in a toaster because an employer needed trade show props. It has since become a hobby and personal interest. People tell me to get a life, so I hope some will find this article amusing, interesting, and maybe useful.