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Razer Core X Review: Affordable eGPU Performance

Price Analysis and Conclusion

Versus the Competition

The $299.99 Core X is a fairly priced eGPU. Comparatively, the Razer Core V2 costs $500. This extra $200 buys attractive lighting features via Razer Chroma, a slightly smaller form factor, four USB 3.0 ports and an Ethernet port.

The Aorus GTX 1070 Gaming Box is priced competitively against the Razer Core X. It’s $599, making it the most expensive out of these options, but it includes a non-removable mini-ITX GTX 1070. A Core X with a GTX 1070 will cost at least $700. The downside is that Gaming Box owners are stuck with their GTX 1070, so if you have a card already or want to upgrade in the future, it’s not right for you.

Bottom Line

The Razer Core X is incredibly price effective, especially for an eGPU. It offers similar build quality and performance as the more expensive Core V2 without the flashy lights and additional ports.The Core X is also a great alternative to the AKiTiO Node, costing only $30 more but providing a wide gamut of laptop support. The only eGPU setup the Core X can’t definitely top price-wise is the Aorus Game Box because of its included GTX 1070.

However, the Core X can support any modern GPU, and can be upgraded in the future. This makes the Razer Core X easy to recommend.

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