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Under Scrutiny: Four 1200 dpi Scanners

Pre-Scanning At 75 Dpi

The results obtained here varied widely. The Astra 4500 is almost four times faster than the Perfection 1250U and twice as speedy as the HP and Canon scanners. The D1250U2's USB 2.0 interface has no effect; not much time is gained in comparison with the times measured in tests using USB-1.1 compatible scanners, and, in the real world, even less time would be saved.

Above: the scanned photo. The example shown is the scan (very slightly reduced so that it fits on the page) that was produced by the HP ScanJet 4470c, which, in our opinion, is best at 75 dpi.

The examples shown below and on the following pages are life-size excerpts of images scanned at the various resolutions that are specified in the caption.

Sections scanned at 72 or 75 dpi (depending on what the driver offers).