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Surface Hub 2 Offers Microsoft's Take on Minority Report

Photo (Image credit: Microsoft)

Today, Microsoft introduced its newest take on collaborative work tech: the Surface Hub 2. Due out in 2019, the sequel to the original Surface Hub sports a design that's sleeker, more futuristic, and even more dynamic.

The Surface Hub 2 boasts large screens that can be tiled on the wall, to produce a mega-surface, and can also be mounted to rolling easel-like stands. These displays can be rotated in the mount, seemingly with no resistance and no delay in re-alignment.

Microsoft is targeting the Hub 2 at work, rather than play. The company's release video demonstrates the Hub being used to telecommute, work on projects, and make presentations.

It may be for offices, but it appears to come straight out of Minority Report. The way the teams in the video seem to be able to swipe through a wall of screens, moving pieces and parts with a flick of a wrist is very ‘crime prevention Tom Cruise’ (pre- eye gouging).

The exact specs aren’t out yet, but the Surface Hub 2 will have a 50.5-inch display with a 4K or greater resolution. Microsoft will really have to deliver on that display, as its teasers promise crystal-clear images and beautiful video quality.

The Hub also seems to come equipped with a webcam and stylus for optimum workflow, but that’s really all the details we get for now. The announcement is mainly designed to get buzz going well ahead of next year's planned launch. I think it’s working.