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Topre RealForce 104UW Keyboard Review


As we usually do with our keyboards, we tore the RealForce 104UW apart to see what it's made of and examine its construction and build quality.

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  • Xeres Forteen
    Wow. I like the retro look. Does it have an AT connector?
  • dark_lord69
    Look an early 90's keyboard with a 2017 gamer hardware price!
    HA! If I knew I would have kept hundreds for those crappy keyboards!

    Don't let the price fool you... It's just a keyboard.
  • therealduckofdeath
    Why not got full-tilt retro and make one with the super high keys of a VIC or a PET? They could charge 4-500 bucks for that, I bet...
  • toddybody
    Coming from a CM Storm Quickfire Rapid on the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum, I can't see the value of these 150.00+ keyboards.
  • Co BIY
    Keyboard reviews need a Price/performance graph. Something to help the average reader find the "sweet spot" where good performance meets reasonable price.

    I'm on a Microcenter Inland DK-3001B - It's an obvious step-up in keyfeel from OEM boards and has nice LED mono-blue through key backlighting. All that for $25.
  • husker
    Nice article, but I thought listing "Highly divisive--love it or hate it" on the Final Analysis page as a con is not fair. This seems to be saying that "you might love this!" is a negative. Agreed, you might hate it, but listing it as a con is pre-supposing you will hate it. With any product you have to determine whether or not you like it, but listing the fact that you might not like it as a con seems a bit unfair.
  • techy1966
    They are kidding right over $200 for a keyboard that looks like it was made back in 1993. This is a flat out copy of the fujitsu keyboards from back in the day even the same color design. I know this because I still have one of them laying around which I paid a lot less than $200 for it at the time and it is most likely built a lot better as well since the thing weighs a fair amount and has a metal bottom and mech keys since back then that was the thing. O got mine back I think in 1991 maybe a bit older I used to have several of them but over the years they got lost or borrowed. Good to see they want to bring the retro look back but at least do not try to charge prices that are way above what they should be for it.
  • Timothy_11
    >$200 for a keyboard that's made essentially the same as the $5 Dell/HP rubber dome keyboards? I'll pass.
  • Rock_n_Rolla
    5 words for this Keyboard.

    "Wolf in a Sheep's Clothing"...
  • daglesj
    I'll just get a Cherry keyboard instead.