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Blizzard-Themed Amusement Park in the Works?

French website GameBlog (via G4) claims that an amusement park called "World Joyland" will open its doors in the Wujin district, China in March 2011. The park will supposedly contain two Blizzard-themed zones.

Although we haven't heard anything official from Blizzard, the park will allegedly consist of individually-themed "lands" (or districts) much like Disney World and Disneyland here in the States. These will include Island of Mystery, Terrain of Warcraft, Universe of StarCraft, Moles World and World of Legend, the latter of which seemingly borrowing architecture from Diablo using domes, tall arches and various shades of brown.

In addition to individual themes, China's Joyland amusement park will reportedly feature a video game museum and a dedicated e-Sports center. But don't fret: Joyland will be a fully-featured amusement park packed with plenty of rides including a double free-falling tower, a simulator and three types of roller coasters.

Based on the Joyland website, Moles World appears to be designed for younger children, offering a Merry-Go-Round, a monorail system and other child-oriented attractions. Universe of Starcraft plays host to three main Starcraft-themed attractions and Terrain of Warcraft plays host to two main attractions. The other two zones offer themed attractions as well like roller coasters, log rides and so on.

The bad news in regards to Joyland is that the "official" website seemingly doesn't provide any evidence that the amusement park is actually under construction, offering a Flash-based introduction of each zone. The setup is detailed enough to look legit, and it's certainly quite possible that Blizzard has allowed the use of its Warcraft and StarCraft themes for the park.

Of course, the other bad news is that the park resides in China, thus making it difficult for US-based Blizzard fans to schedule a quick trip over the weekend. If the amusement park is indeed legit, we'd like to see a carbon copy over here in the States-- namely called Blizzardland or some other Blizzard-related title.