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StarCraft II, Diablo III Getting Pseudo-LAN

Saturday Shacknews reported that Blizzard is currently working on a pseudo-LAN application that will be implemented into the revamped service.

According to Blizzard's Greg Canessa, the support is planned for StarCraft II when launched next year; Jay Wilson also said in a separate report that Diablo III will provide the same support.

However, fans shouldn't expect the cherished offline LAN support of days long gone... at least for now "We are working on solutions with regard to things we can do to maintain connectivity to in some way, but also provide a great quality connection between players," said Canessa. To clarify, Shack suggested a scenario where the game would only check in with to authenticate the game before reverting to typical LAN behavior.

"Something like that," he replied. "Maintaining a connection with, I don't know if it's once or periodically, but then also having a peer-to-peer connection between players to facilitate a very low-ping, high-bandwidth connection... those are the things that we're working on."

Based on the information, it may be that StarCraft II (and Diablo III) will feature some kind of offline LAN support, only requiring an online connection to authenticate the game. That's certainly positive news for fans upset over the whole LAN connection issue.