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Virgin Media Boosting Top Speeds to 120Mbps

Back in January of this year, Virgin Media announced plans to double speeds for over four million of its customers and boost its top speed to 120Mb. The roll-out started in February and was expected to be finished by the middle of next year. This week, Virgin announced that the time to boost its top tier 100Mb speeds had come.

"As part of its 'Double Your Speeds' programme launched earlier this year, Virgin Media has now started to boost the speeds of its 100Mb customers to 120Mb," the company said via news release today. "The new 120Mb tier continues to push the boundaries of broadband speeds available in the UK and will ensure Virgin Media broadband customers continue to receive some of the fastest speeds in Europe."

Virgin says it has already upgraded 40 percent of its network for faster speeds and claims to be the only ISP in the UK with superfast broadband speeds as standard. The Double Your Speeds program will see Virgin's 10Mb, 20Mb, 30Mb and 50Mb services double by the middle of next year.

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