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New AMD Catalyst 11.11 Supports Stage 3D in Flash

The APU series A and E as well as Radeon HD graphic cards can now run the new technology, which Adobe introduced with its Flash Player 11 in early October.

Additionally, the driver corrects a bug in the game RAGE, which caused some textures to be displayed in blue color. There is also a bezel compensation fix for Far Cry 2, a crash fix for Homefront in Crossfire configurations, a hang fix for DC Universe Online, as well as a range of Windows 7 patches, according to the release notes.

The download of Catalyst 11.11 is offered via AMD's support pages.

Nvidia recently released the beta version of its 285.79 driver, which includes improvements for Battlefield 3 and Skyrim, as well as new game profiles for SLI and 3D Vision.