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AMD RDNA-Infused Samsung SoC Benchmarks Obliterate Galaxy S20 Graphics

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Last summer, news broke that AMD was partnering with Samsung to license its RDNA graphics for use in smartphones. Since then, it had pretty much been radio silence on the topic, until a thread recently spawned on the forums with benchmark figures, as spotted by Twitter user @Kaz9837.

According to the thread's author, the RNDA-Exynos combo SoC put down some serious performance numbers in the GFXBench test, as you can see in the table below. The data on the Adreno 650 comes from Notebookcheck, as the source appears to have removed data on the Adreno 650.

RDNA-ExynosAdreno 650Performance Increase
Manhattan 3.1181.8 fps123 fps+ 48%
Aztec Normal138.25 fps53.5 fps+ 158%
Aztec High58 fps20 fps+ 190%

The Adreno 650 is one of the most powerful mobile GPUs currently available and part of the Snapdragon 865 SoC, which is installed in the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra, as well as smartphones from other manufacturers.

However, we are unfamiliar with the source of the purported RDNA-Exynos data. With the numbers not yet verified, don't take results at face value. Nevertheless, it wouldn't be surprising to see such a performance uplift. After all, Samsung isn't partnering with AMD for nothing.

Don't expect to see an RDNA-infused mobile phone on the market anytime soon. Those aren't expected to arrive until 2021 at the earliest.

Niels Broekhuijsen

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