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Report: Micron Increasing 1znm DDR4 DRAM Production

(Image credit: Glen Hush/Shutterstock)

Memory manufacturer Micron is investing heavily in growing its 1znm DDR4 DRAM production in its Taiwanese facilities, according to "sources familiar with the matter" at DigiTimes.

The 1z-nanometer process is the latest node size in the memory industry, offering higher density, increased efficiency and faster speeds. The standard covers node sizes between 12nm and 14nm, whereas the 1ynm standard is slightly larger at 14nm to 16nm.

In this 1znm production growth phase, Micron is reportedly focusing on DDR4 products, producing 16Gb DRAM modules for use in desktops and laptops. Production is taking place in Taichung. 

Meanwhile, Micron is also said to be pushing volume production of 1ynm memory products in its Taoyuan facilities, and Micron's plant in Hiroshima is now committed to low-power memory products for mobile applications, DigiTimes' sources claimed. 

For the time being, Micron's primary focus is still on DDR4, which shouldn't come as a surprise. The company is expected to build the majority of its early DDR5 products on the 1znm node size too; however, for the next 1-2 years, demand for DDR5 won't require volume production yet, as supporting products have yet to come out. This gives Micron the chance to mature its 1znm process on DDR4, prior to needing to meet the high requirements of DDR5.