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MSI Boasts New GT80 Titan 'World's First' Gaming Laptop With Mechanical Keyboard

The big drawback about gaming on a laptop is the keyboard. Typically, the keys sit flush against the chassis so that the laptop can fully close when not in use. There's really no tactile feedback save for perhaps a light click when mashing a key. MSI's new GT80 Titan changes all that, becoming the first gaming laptop to provide a built-in mechanical keyboard.

According to the company, the GT80 features a SteelSeries keyboard with Cherry Brown MX switches and 27-mm keycaps, which will provide plenty of clickety-click tactile feedback while gaming or simply trolling across the Internet. Mechanical keyboards can tolerate finger-based abuse, and presumably there are no accidental key presses as you sometimes see with standard notebook keyboards.

The company indicated on Thursday that the laptop has an enhanced SteelSeries Engine with CloudSync so that gamers can save their settings in the cloud and access them from anywhere.

"Performance is key for gamers and the GT80 Titan will forever change the mobile gaming experience," said Andy Tung, president of MSI Pan America. "We are proud to be at the forefront of the gaming evolution and will continue to provide solutions that deliver the most outstanding gaming experience in the world."

News of the world's first gaming laptop with a mechanical keyboard arrives after the company updated its 27-inch all-in-one (AIO) gaming PCs with Nvidia GeForce GTX 900M series graphic cards. The AG270 2QC and the AG270 2QE are available now, with more upgraded models appearing in a few weeks. There are three versions of each, providing a solution for gamers with various budgets.

The company also recently updated its GS70 Stealth Pro and GS60 Ghost Pro models, and its GT72 Dominator, GT70 Dominator and GT60 Dominator gaming laptops with Nvidia's GTX 900M Series graphics and MSI's own SHIFT power adjustment technology. These laptops come with fourth-generation Core i7 processors, Killer E2200 game networking, Sound Blaster Cinema and more.

Update, 10/30/14 9:25am: As for the new GT80 Titan being introduced today, MSI is remaining quiet about the hardware. The only feature we could get from an MSI representative was that the laptop has SLI.

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