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Nvidia 'Ultimate Countdown' Points to Ampere on August 31

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Nvidia is teasing a 21-day "ultimate countdown" that is seemingly pointing to its new consumer-facing Ampere GeForce graphics cards, likely to be known as the 3000-series.

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In a tweet, the company simply mentions the countdown campaign. But in a profile banner on the @NvidiaGeForce Twitter account, it reads "21 days, 21 years."

Nvidia Ultimate Countdown Banner

(Image credit: Nvidia)

That would suggest that an announcement will be made on August 31, which would be the same day the Nvidia GeForce 256, the company's first GPU, was released 21 years ago, in 1999.

That would suggest we'll see the card right after of this year's Gamescom.

You can see everything we know about Ampere so far here, and it seems we'll know way more in just a few weeks.

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