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Nvidia Adds 'Tomb Raider' To GeForce Now, More Square Enix Titles Soon

The list of titles available on Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service continues to grow, and the latest batch of additions comes from Square Enix.

The first release from the famous publisher/developer is the 2013 hit Tomb Raider. Other Square Enix games that will make their Shield debut include Sleeping Dogs, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Quantum Conundrum and Murdered: Soul Suspect. Players can start streaming Tomb Raider now, and Nvidia said the other games are coming soon to the device throughout the course of the year.

Nvidia said that these aren’t the only games from Square Enix that will make their way to GeForce Now, but it didn’t mention any other specific upcoming titles. There are many notable games from Square Enix such as Just Cause 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, the upcoming Hitman reboot, and most importantly, the Final Fantasy series.

At $7.99 per month, the company wants players to make the Shield and its streaming service the main source for gaming in the living room, and the addition of Square Enix games is all part of Nvidia’s plan to increase the inventory of GeForce Now. We’ll obviously hear more from both Nvidia and Square Enix as to when the other games will arrive on GeForce Now, but the popular Tomb Raider reboot is sure to entice some players try out the streaming service.

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  • toddybody
    I'd imagine quality and even graphical settings are bandwidth dependent. That said, for folks with gigabit/high connections...can they expect a close equivalent to native ultra settings?

    Each stream has it's associated rendering, so it shouldnt be a one size (graphical quality) fits all approach.
  • Superkoopatrooper
    I made the mistake of purchasing the k1 shield tablet and i lost soo much respect for nvidia. Any pressure on the screen causes color shift in the center. Picking up the tablet eith ur fingers on the bqck causes color shift. The back cover of the tablet is loose and the top and bottom and lifts up a little when you move ur hands. The new marshmallow update has been a joke. It deletes apps with no indication because of a bug and the cpu gets pegged at 100% and the battery lasts 2 hours with the screen off and gets burning hot. You can only charge it when the device is off. Its that bad. To make it worst, nvidia has not pulled the update and it affects every single shield tablet running marshmallow. Its been 3 months and no update has been pushed to fix it. All these problems are very very very comon on this device. Just going on the shield reddit and nvidia shield forums will prove that. To make matters worst, nvidias response seems to be pretending its not an issue at all. The first kindle fire was built soo muxh better im so disappointed. Sorry for the typos im on my cell.
  • Superkoopatrooper
    I forgot to add that nvidia has stated the color shift is normal.
  • ianpac
    My Shield tablet has none of your technical issues and Nvidia released a new update just yesterday. Nvidia are always amongst the first to update with new Android versions but invariably fast adoption can bring bugs which they do fix. They release updates every 2-3 months which is better than anyone else I know of. It is a new product that has only been around for 9 months so give it time.