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Nvidia Preps GF110-based GeForce GTX 560 Ti‎ Upgrade

This new Ti will, if VR-Zone is right, be based on the GF110 chip, which makes it a close relative to the 570 and 580 models. It will also mean a drop of the current GF114.

The publication reports that the new 560 Ti will essentially be a 570 with 14 (and one disabled) streaming multiprocessor with a total of 448 cores, up from the current 384. It is more than likely that the clock speed will be below that of the 570. Expect to see the 320-bit memory interface with 56 TMUs and 40 ROPs.

The likely performance gain is pure speculation at this time, but I will make an educated guess that the card will be consuming more power than the 170 W of the current 560 Ti and move closer to the 219 W of the 570.

Current 560 Ti graphics cards sell for street prices in the $220 to $270 range. An upgrade could breath more life into the card, which should help Nvidia move more chips during the upcoming Christmas season.

  • jl0329
    Damn, I just bought a 560ti. T_T
  • Katsushiro
    So they're going to call it what? A GTX 560 GTi? A GTX 565? Surely they won't leave the name the same (like the GTX 260's upgrade).
  • soo-nah-mee
    It was between the 560ti and the HD6950 for me.
    Now I may have to wait.
    Although unlocking the 6950 into a 6970 is still oh so appealing!
  • silverblue
    Wikipedia already has something similar down as the GeForce GTX 560 Ti OEM. It has the same basic die as the 570 albeit with 11 SMs (352 shaders/44 TMUs) and 40 ROPs as well as the same clocks and memory interface as the 570, and a TDP of 210W. So, this particular product has less texturing power than the 560 Ti (in fact, so does the 570 and 580) but a much larger memory interface.
  • southernshark
    Upgrading a tier 2 card is not impressive. Sure I use a 560 but I bought it a year and a half ago......
  • dormantreign
    Good, i've been waiting and trying to make a decision on a new graphics card. Now i know which one i will be getting :)
  • de5_Roy
    a new gtx 560 ti upgrade vs amd's 28 nm radeon hd 7xxx cards... i choose radeon even if they're unreleased. :)
  • And what happens if some poor sap who got a first-gen 560Ti wants to get a second for SLI purposes? Two distinct models aren't going to work together in an SLI configuration, are they?
  • Nidy
    Why not just lower the price of the 570. The new ti will approach the price of the 570 so whould buy a 570 after the new ti comes out?
  • jenesuispasbavard
    jl0329Damn, I just bought a 560ti. T_TI have one too, and, with the release of this new 560Ti, the old one's prices might drop, which means SLI for me, finally.