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Analyst: "Glimmer" of Hope for PC Industry in 2013

Even if the traditional PC still controls the lion's share of processor revenues - and is likely to retain that control for some time - the smartphone and tablet have emerged as the far sexier topics that now lock up the enthusiasm the PC once had.

Yet not all hope is lost, at least not according to Evercore Partners analyst Rob Cihra, who informed his clients that "there are 'glimmers of hope' that PC demand will start stabilizing in the 2013 first half," according to an article published by Forbes.

Cihra believes that global PC shipments may come in flat in 2013 over 2012, following a 3 percent drop in 2012. The fourth quarter may be the deepest valley the industry has to cross with a 5 percent decline in shipments over Q4 2011. This is rather remarkable, given the launch of Windows 8 and ultrabooks, both of which carried the hope of reigniting PC sales.

Forbes quotes Cihra: "Much of the supply-chain looks to have needed to under-ship end PCs for a second consecutive quarter of inventory drawdown. Pressures continue to include weak macro and more so tablet cannibalization. Early ultrabooks have been stymied by high prices and Win8 so far looks like a remarkable non-factor."

According to the analyst, Windows 8 and ultrabooks may lift PC shipments in 2013. Sales potential in China also show reason for optimism.

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