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AMD 64-Core EPYC 'Milan-X' Listed For More Than $10,000

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AMD is expected to release its EPYC 7003-series processors with 3D V-Cache later this year, but a major retailer listed one of the CPUs on its website and even published its pricing on Thursday. Of course, like all server processors, the flagship 64-core EPYC 7773X is not meant to be cheap, but, naturally, additional cache comes at a price. 

This week, Zones, a major B2B retailer, listed AMD's upcoming 64-core EPYC 7773X processor with the 100-000000504 OPN code. Unfortunately, the company didn't disclose when the CPU will be available. Instead, you have to call for availability, but the unit's price is listed at $10,746.99. 

To put the number into context, the same company sells AMD's current flagship 64-core EPYC 7763 processor for $9,424.99, as noted by @momomo_us. While we do not know the exact frequency and other specifications of the EPYC 7773X, it is evident that the additional 3D V-Cache has its price, and it looks like that price is fairly high. Of course, keep in mind that it is hard to say how accurate the pricing of a product several months away is, so take it with a grain of salt.

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AMD's EPYC 'Milan-X' and some upcoming Ryzen processors use a hybrid bonding technique (that relies on TSMC's SoIC process) to fuse an additional 7nm SRAM cache chiplet atop the compute die with direct copper-to-copper dielectric bonding of the TSVs that connect the two dies. In the case of Ryzen, AMD places 64MB SRAM chiplets atop of each processor die to significantly increase the CPU's L3 cache capacity and performance in memory bandwidth-sensitive workloads. 

We have no idea about AMD's exact 3D V-Cache plans for EPYC, but even 64MB of additional L3 cache improves the performance of AMD's Ryzen 9 5900X in games by about 15%, which is a tangible performance boost comparable to increases brought by microarchitectural innovations. Many server workloads are bandwidth-sensitive, so there will be customers willing to pay extra for additional L3 cache.

AMD's EPYC 'Milan-X' family is projected to feature at least four models: the flagship 64-core EPYC 7773X, the 32-core EPYC 7573X, the 24-core EPYC 7473X, and the 16-core EPYC 7373X.

Anton Shilov
Anton Shilov

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