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QOTD: Do You Delete Your Browser Cookies?

Spending any amount of time online requires that one practice some safe usage patterns. This means being weary of scam emails, scam websites, and just the general bad hook.

More often than not however, people are lured into tricks and masquerades. Consequently, sensitive personal data is revealed, and things are stolen. One of the most famous areas of this debate have been browser cookies. If you don't already know, cookies store custom information about you--that you've usually entered)--when visiting a website so that the next time you go back, the website can reload your information. Things like custom themes, or forum logins are stored in this manner.

Sometimes however, a cookie can contain a lot more. Those who are very sensitive about security swear that you should delete all cookies after every browsing session. Others could care less.

Our question of the day is: Do you delete your browser cookies? If so, why?