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Raspberry Pi Marks a Million Boards Made in the UK

Raspberry Pi hasn't been available for all that long. The little board was only made available for purchase in February of 2012, and even then, there was a one-per-customer limit to ensure there were enough to go around. Now, almost two years later, production has reached new heights. The Raspberry Pi Foundation just this week announced that it had sold 1.75 million Raspberry Pis and a massive one million of those were made in the United Kingdom.

"We've reached a bit [of] a landmark. As you'll know if you've been following us since we started documenting what happens when you decide to make a tiny computer for education back in 2011, the first Raspberry Pis were made in China," writes RPF's Liz Upton. "Back in September 2012, we started moving manufacture to a plant owned by Sony in South Wales."

Upton goes on to say that after gradually moving all production of Raspberry Pis to that factory, all of the Raspberry Pis are now being made in the UK, and Sony's Pencoed factory has made its millionth British Raspberry Pi. The millionth Pi has been placed in a gold-plated case and will be kept at The Raspberry Pi Foundation's HQ.

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