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Raspbian Buster Gets New Features in Big Update

(Image credit: Future)

The latest Raspbian release, Buster, received a big update this week. A recent blog post on the official Raspberry Pi website lists all of the new changes and details about the new features.

Significant changes have been made with the File Manager system. The icons have been updated to make it easier to tell which folder is which at a glance. "Expander arrows" now only appear next to directories that have sub-directories, otherwise they're hidden.

The Raspberry Pi team reached out to an accessibility charity known as AbilityNet to help evaluate the Raspberry Pi desktop environment for improvements. Raspbian now supports Orca screen reader. Orca is compatible with most applications that use GTK or Qt toolkits. Other toolkits aren't compatible and may or may not work. You can also find a new pixel doubling feature in the Raspberry Pi Configuration menu, improving screen visibility for visually impaired persons.

Python games from Eben Upton's newly released book, Code the Classics, are now available for download in the recommended software area. Audio Preferences are also no longer listed under the main menu as an app—they can be accessed from the volume plugin in the taskbar.

There are a few more features you can read about in the full post here. For example, if you're tired of your screen going black, you can finally disable it in the Raspberry Pi Configuration settings. If you're ready to check out these new features, you can update Buster through the terminal or download the fresh version straight from the Raspbian download page.