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Wireless HDMI on the way

Culver City (CA) - Look around the average living room and you'll probably see wires, lots of them. Now two companies are partnering up to reduce some of that clutter by making a wireless HDMI alternative. Tzero and Analog Devices will make a receiver and transmitter combo that will beam audio and JPEG 2000 compressed video up to 10 meters (30 ft) away.

The receiver and transmitters won't need line of sight to each other, which means high-definition fans will be able to beam audio and video to other rooms and possibly up and down floors.

Video images are compressed with the JPEG 2000 codec which is an updated version of the famous JPEG compression algorithm commonly used for high-resolution pictures. According to, the JPEG 2000 codec used in the Analog Devices transmitter will drop a connection "every two to three hours." It's unclear how much of delay happens during the dropped connection.

HDMI cables are often required to take advantage of the highest resolution modes in modern televisions and future game consoles like the PlayStation 3. The cables are quite expensive and retailers often charge up to $200 for a 16-ft cable

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