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Futuremark's 'Vantage'

A DirectX 10 Benchmark

Entirely based on a new 3D engine compatible only with DirectX 10, and so requiring Windows Vista (SP1); 3DMark Vantage can only run on Vista-compatible graphics cards (GeForce 8 and 9, Radeon HD 2000 and 3000). As for the CPU, only SSE2 support is really indispensable. You can check your system’s compatibility on line here . The overall score is calculated from the four main tests - two dedicated to the GPU and also no less than two for the CPU, which is a change in direction compared to the previous versions, which focused more on graphics power (as the number of dedicated tests indicated).

Another big change is that instead of the single, overall score used in preceding versions, "Presets" are available (and compulsory) with Vantage. Each one is intended to change not only the resolution but also the graphics load (like the quick adjustments in game options) and thus affects the score. Futuremark provides for calibration to suit the video memory (the first Preset, Entry, is aimed at graphics cards having 128 MB of memory and the Performance Preset is geared for 256 MB of memory). Those were the only Presets available in the Basic edition, which is what we tested. Let’s look at the differences in detail:

The scores obtained for each Preset are different, and differentiated by a letter that precedes each one. So the same high-end configuration would get scores like E7053, P5420, H3207 and X2641.