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Unified Serial RAID Controllers for PCIe

ICP 5085BL

Firmware Version: 5.2.0 Build 12415

This product technically equals the Adaptec RAID 3805, mostly because ICP Vortex is part of the Adaptec group. The sample we had lacked RAID 6 and the copyback feature at first, which was due to an outdated firmware version. An update unlocked RAID 6 support and even the copyback spare feature. There is, however, a significant difference between Adaptec’s RAID 3805 and the ICP 5085BL: ICP uses the faster IOP processor IOP333 running at 800 MHz, while the Adaptec RAID 3805 has a 500 MHz clock speed. ICP also uses 256 MB DDR2 of cache memory with ECC support, while Adaptec sticks to 128 MB. The result is somewhat higher performance in RAID 5 across the benchmarks. The features, software and the box content equal what we found inside the Adaptec box.