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ADS DVD Xpress: Trash VHS Cassettes, Burn DVDs


Thanks to the USB interface, installation is simple, involving plugging in the power supply and the USB cable into the PC after taking the unit out of the box. Windows will ask for a driver for the newly identified device, available on the included installation CD.

The software to be installed includes Ulead Video Studio 7 SE and the Capture Wizard to set the system up in order to capture a signal from a source connected to the S-Video or composite inputs.

The first thing it wants to know is the video format: NTSC or PAL.

Then you select the desired video input on the DVD XPress.

Naturally you also need to enter the path and the file name of the video to be captured.

The last window determines the recording format: MPEG-1 for video CDs or MPEG-2 for DVDs. MPEG-1 is often sufficient for poor quality videotapes. As a rule, however, we recommend MPEG-2.