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Double-Height Chic: Two Multifunction Panels From AeroCool

AeroCool Coolwatch: Multifunctional Front Panel

Display, memory card reader, and extra ports, all in one device

This double-height 5.25" form-factor unit offers lots of functions. In addition to its big, readable display, the Coolwatch also includes a memory card reader. This reader can read and write to 20 different kinds of multi-media memory cards. Hooking up this device requires access to an unoccupied USB header on the PC motherboard; it also serves as a USB hub, with two front panel USB 2.0 ports at the ready. You'll even find two audio ports on the front of this device, with all the necessary cables for hook-ups included in the retail package.

Slick packaging

The display during offline use

The built-in memory card reader handles 20 different card formats

Memory card reader compatibility list

New drive IDs show up after installing the unit's software