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Double-Height Chic: Two Multifunction Panels From AeroCool

Display Indicators Provided

1 = Alarm temperature

2 = Real-time temperature sensor readings (from item 11)
3 = Real time fan RPM readings (from item 4)
4 = Current fan indicator and status
5 = Date and time information
6 = Audio volume indicators
7 = Dancing Dog/Dragon - Feature or gimmick?
8 = Real-time heat sensor readings
9 = Fan controller data
10 = Sound equalizer
11 = Temperature sensor

Monitoring and control functions in the CoolWatch are software-driven. You can read the outputs of the heat sensors and fan speed sensors in summary form from built-in LED indicators. Actual measurements appear at the same time in the LCD display, but both originate from the same underlying software. Attached fans may be managed and monitored through the CoolWatch user interface as well. You can even switch among background display colors, from a palette that includes shades of red, blue, and purple.

Fan controls are strictly software driven

Front panel USB and audio ports