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Eye Candy: Stereo 3D Imaging

Spread Of 3D Material: Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

There are vast quantities of stereo 3D photos around the world on paper, in the form of slides and now in digital form. But there have been no breakthroughs in 3D products or high demand in the broader market until the recent past. The reasons for this, which dates back to the last few centuries, is due to technological limits and the high costs of creating, duplicating and visualizing content.

The digital age that has just begun, meanwhile, has opened up mind-boggling dimensions to the IT world for the creation, editing, distribution and thus possible uses of stereo 3D content.

If the stereo 3D material is available in digital form, it can be viewed with all stereo 3D technologies - this is highly important for ideal and flexible use and thus for the marketing of stereo 3D.

Stereo 3D Apps

Stereo 3D has mass appeal that can enthuse the observer and is thus highly suitable for direct or indirect marketing of products and ideas.

The question is not where can stereo 3D be applied, but instead, when does it not work? When does it make no sense to view the world in three-dimensions? Stereo 3D does not work with printed-paper media, while pictures are fine.