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Web Browser Grand Prix: Firefox 15, Safari 6, OS X Mountain Lion

OS X And Windows 7 Winners' Circle

OS X 10.8 Placing

PlacingWeb BrowserPoint Score

Safari 6 places first on its native platform of OS X Mountain Lion, followed closely by Chrome 21 just two and a half points behind. Firefox 15 takes third place, trailing Chrome by just another two and a half points. Opera 12.02 loses big time on OS X, earning just a fraction of other OS X browser's point totals.

Congratulations, Apple!

Windows 7 Placing

PlacingWeb BrowserPoint Score
3rdInternet Explorer, Opera7.5

Chrome manages to fend off Firefox once again, keeping its Window 7 Web Browser Grand Prix Championship. However, Firefox 15 is right on the heels of Chrome 21, and upcoming version 17 might change Google's luck if preliminary benchmarks of the new IonMonkey JIT compiler carry through to the final release.

For the first time in the history of the Web Browser Grand Prix, we have a tie in final scoring. Fortunately, it's just a tie for third, or in this case, last place. Opera is feeling the pain of losing Safari for Windows in a real way, with the low-end now totally vacant, Opera is comparatively worse versus the strong scores of Chrome and Firefox. Holding onto reliability and responsiveness is what keeps the Norwegian Web browser from succumbing to even IE9. Meanwhile, strong page load times and HTML5 performance scores are the only thing keeping Internet Explorer from the being the biggest loser on its own platform.

Congratulations, Google!

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