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Do-It-Yourself Solar-Powered PC: Live Test

Do-It-Yourself Solar-Powered PC: Live Test

Solar Panel Statistics

Solar Statistics

Overview of Today's Power generation


Info: This graphical representation shows the power generation of our solar cells for every hour. The statistics are reset at the start of each new day of testing.

Yield Statistics

This page offers a concise look at the amount of power our solar panels generate every day. The statistics are updated every day.

If you'd like to go back and start reading about our solar-powered PC project from the beginning, have a look at the articles leading up to our live test:

  • c911darkwolf
    Something me and my wife were talking about. Solar panels are expensive, but if you make a small investment it will cut down your power bill every month or you can make a large investment go independent and sell excess back to the electric company.