3DMark Arrives on iOS to Benchmark iPhones, iPads

3DMark for Mobile

Just in time for the new Apple products of the season is the release of 3DMark for iOS.

3DMark for mobile debuted in April for Android and included two benchmarks, Ice Storm and Ice Storm Extreme, both based on OpenGL ES 2.0. Ice Storm includes two graphics tests designed to stress the GPU’s performance and a physics test to stress the CPU’s performance.

Those interested in benchmarking their iOS devices can grab the free download from iTunes. The download size is 174MB and requires iOS 6.

Check out the leaderboard for mobile devices here. Will there be iOS devices populating the top of this list soon?

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  • jaber2
    Yes, finally I can see if my iPad can play high resolution games, Hello Candy Crush 64bit
  • sa1nt
    I wonder if someday we can build our own phones and have enthusiast phone build every month here at toms.
  • Alex Altu
    WTF? Are not all apple products of the same generation the same? What would be the point in comparing an iPhone 5 with an IPhone 5? You cannot over clock them or put in difrent components, so what is the point of this?