Apacer Unveils its Ares DDR3-3000 Memory

Apacer has launched its Ares series of overclocking memory that previously made an appearance at this year’s Computex conference where it set a new record for air-cooled overclocking by achieving a clock rate of 3226 MHz.

The Ares series features “strictly tested high-end guaranteed memory chips,” an eight-layer PCB that reduces interference and improves signal quality and overclocking stability, and a “professional cooling system” that utilizes large cooling fins and pure copper for better thermal conduction.

The Apacer Ares series of memory will be initially available in kits of 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) and 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) with stock clock rates of 2800 MHz, 2933 MHz and 3000 MHz.

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  • Someone Somewhere
    I thought Ares was a G.Skill brand...

    Lawsuit time.
  • m32
    I guess in the next year or two we are going to have small heat-sink-fans built into our RAM..... smh
  • csbeer
    Put that on an AMD APU and let's set some records!