MacBook Pro Retina with Haswell-GT3 CPU Spotted

While the MacBook air refresh of 2013 has already taken place, and they already feature Intel's new Haswell processors, the MacBook Pro (Retina) lineup still has to be refreshed. The folks over at MacRumors have published a screenshot of GeekBench, and it shows some interesting details.

For starters, it appears that one of the units will feature an Intel Core i7-4950HQ. This CPU will run at 2.4 GHz and has four cores, but with hyperthreading features 8 threads. Most notably though, this CPU features the GT3 iGPU, which features twice the number of graphics processing cores as the lower-power units. It features 40 processing cores and is otherwise known as the "Iris" 5200 graphics part. That said, while it might be a nice development to have more powerful Intel graphics for power-saving reasons, the GeekBench screenshot makes no mention of a dedicated GPU, which if correct, means that the next generation of MacBook Pros might have to settle with only the internal graphics on the Intel Haswell CPU. The current generation of MacBook Pro Retinas feature an Nvidia GT650M graphics card, which would still be much more powerful than the Intel Iris graphics part.

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  • Estix
    The current 13" MBPs have no dedicated GPU, while the 15" ones have the nVidia chips.

    Apple is generally using that to differentiate the two.
  • swordrage
    So this might be the 13inch one as estix said and the 15inch version must have a dedicated gpu since stepping down performance from a gtx 650M in a next gen model will not make sense
    But can it run Crysis without a dedicated video card?