Report: Apple Planning September Keynote

Over the last few days, rumors about the possibility of an Apple tablet have intensified, thanks in large part to videos that purport to show the device in action.

Apple Tablet Hands On

While it all seems like much ado about nothing, the video was followed by separate rumors about an Apple keynote event in the second week of September. No surprises there, considering the company had an iPod event last September and another one to announce the iPod Touch the year before.

MediaMemo cites music industry execs who claim Apple had informed them about the event so we're going to go out on a limb and say its iPod-related as opposed to Apple tablet-related. Then again, if the tablet is, as everyone seems to think it is, a media player (similar to a big iPod Touch) then it could be just the place to announce the tablet.

Read the full story on MediaMemo.

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  • Wow... that runs like crap. It looked like it ran soooo slow.

  • Dude, it's "much ado about nothing", not "much to do".
  • i care more about a new touch price cut or something to rival the zune or perhaps they're going to fix itunes from being slow and placing my songs out of order.