Bing Cuts Itself a 10% Slice of the Search Pie

CNet News cites a Nielson report released Monday that puts 10 percent of the search market in the bucket marked Bing. Of course, Google is still the king of the castle with 64 percent (an increase of 2.6 percent over July) and Yahoo! comes second with 16 percent (a decrease of 4.2 percent). However, Bing searches for August clocked in with 1.1 billion for the month of August, an increase of 22.1 percent over July, giving Microsoft a 10.7 percent share of the search market.

CNet reports that similar studies from the likes of ComScore also show an increase in Bing searches. Microsoft this week launched visual search for Bing, which shows users their search results in the form of a deck of pictures as opposed to just a page of hyperlinks.

Click here to see the full results of the Nielson report.

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  • cruiseoveride
    Just proves 10% of Internet users use the default search on IE.
  • cruiseoveride
    Just proves 10% of Internet users can't be bothered to change or oblivious to anything but the the default search on IE.
  • arson94
    Don't be so naive... Many people, as do I, use Bing because they like it better. Sure, some poeple use Bing because they're lazy or incompetent. But the same goes for Google users. Many google users use it because there friends recommended it, not because they like it better than the competition or have even tried the competition.