Leaked Blackberry Roadmap Shows BB10 Tablet on Horizon

A roadmap showing the BlackBerry 10 platform devices has been leaked from an unlisted Twitter account. The roadmap shows the potential for not only new phones but also phablets in the future.

In Q1 we can see the already-released Z10, with the Q10 in between Q1 and Q2 with a hardware keyboard. The surprise moves on towards late 2013, where the B10 and U10 are listed, which look remarkably like phablets. BlackBerry's CEO has already claimed that it is not planning to make a tablet any time soon, but whether his use of the word can be extended to include tablet like phones is debatable. 

As no one has managed to trace the source of the roadmap thus far, and we could not get any response from BlackBerry ourselves about the validity of the claims, we cannot say whether or not this leaked information holds any value at all.

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  • if you make it a cheap 7" tablet like the nexus 7 then I might consider it, from what I read, the Playbook was a pretty solid device, and would consider another blackberry device when my nexus 7 gets old
  • I read on the internets that it was an April fool joke.
  • That was four days ago. Just out of interest, do you get paid for doing this? Frankly, I am not sure which is worse, this, or the article about the IT journalist who had not yet learned how USB ports were situated relative to the pcb.