AMD ''Interlagos'' Bulldozer Benchmarks Leaked

Various reports have indicated that benchmark results for AMD's Interlagos Bulldozer-based server processor in a dual-CPU setup have appeared online. The testing was done using Arch Linux on the Linux 2.3.67 kernel, the Phoronix Test Suite loaded on a 2 TB SATA drive, and 64 GB of DDR3 memory shoved in a dual-socket Supermicro H8DGU server motherboard. Each CPU packed 16 processing cores and a clock speed of 1.8 GHz.

The testing was supposedly submitted by an independent AMD server partner, listing the new 16-core Interlagos Opteron chip as "AMD Eng Sample ZS182045TGG43_28." This particular processor has been benchmarked before with SuSE Linux 11, Ubuntu 10.04, CentOS 5.4 and Arch Linux, but not in a dual-CPU setup as seen here.

Only a few select benchmarks from the suite were actually performed in this particular testing including C-Ray, Himeno, SciMark 2, Parallel BZIP2 Compression and the Stream memory tests. For starters, the system scored a C-Ray time of 25 seconds, showing to be quite faster than the Intel Core i5 2500K (quad-core + Hyper Threading; 3.3 GHz + 3.7 GHz Intel Turbo Boost) at 61 seconds or the Intel Core i7 970 (six cores + Hyper Threading; 3.2 GHz Base Frequency + 3.46 GHz Turbo Boost) at about 61 seconds.

The system didn't do quite as well in the Himeno test (which is explained to be a linear solver of pressure Poisson using a point-Jacobi method and is not too multi-thread friendly). According to's testing, it scored just 88 MFLOPS due to its lower clock speed. The system did better in the Parallel BZIP2 Compression test (v1.0.5) however, packing a 256 MB file in 6.27 seconds (with a standard error of 0.10 and a standard deviation of 7.49-percent).

"There is also other result uploads from the 'AMD Eng Sample ZS182045TGG43_28' for SciMark 2 computations and Stream memory tests," the site claims. "More may also come, but these are just the results so far we have been able to verify as valid/authentic."

When it finally hits the market, AMD's Interlagos will come packed with 12 or 16 cores, a quad-channel memory controller, up to 16 MB of level 3 cache memory, and use the same motherboard socket (G34) as AMD's current Opteron 6000-series processors. Interlagos will also be built by Globalfoundaries using the 32-nm SOI technology.

AMD is expected to release its Bulldozer-based server chips by Q3 2011.

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  • jprahman
    If these benchmarks are true then it sounds like Bulldozer is a lot what I'd expect it to be, great multi-threaded performance for server and content creation applications, but somewhat weak IPC, which doesn't bode well for the type of gaming performance we could see.
  • Anonymous
    WOW ? , bad news for intel .
  • Anonymous
    "32 cores" 1.8ghz ...... to be about 70% faster than 3ghz+ i5 4core or i7 6core..... in a threaded test
    i always had amd... might be time to change....!