Cooler Master Announces its JetFlo 120 mm LED Fan

Cooler Master has announced a new fan, the 120 JetFlo. This fan, while appearing ordinary at first, actually has some interesting features hidden from view.

The fans have a 120 mm size design, can run at speeds from 800 RPM to 2000 RPM, are PWM controlled, can push up to 95 CFM, make up to 26 dBA of noise, and come with two silent adapters that fix the speeds at either 1600 RPM or 1200 RPM (for those who do not have PWM compatible controllers or motherboards).

The fans' notable features include the styling as well as the Smart Jam protection. Cooler Master claims that the fan is the first premium quality LED fan to enter the market, noting words such as "Performance," "Style," and "Silence" as core design elements. The Smart Jam Protection feature can detect when there are objects present that obstruct the turning of the blades and will automatically stop rotation to prevent damage. After removal of the foreign objects the fan will resume normal operations.

The fans feature an MTBF of a respectable 160,000 hours due to the self-lubricating POM bearings that are used.

Cooler Master's JetFlo 120 fans will come in four different colors: red, black, white and blue. All will sell with an MSRP of €14.95, which translates to roughly $20, and will be available starting mid-July.

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  • stingstang
    Red white and blue?
  • itzsnypah
    Black LED's... Yeah...

    Hopefully dust buildup doesn't trigger Smart Jam Protection.