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Free-to-Play Mech Game Hawken to Support Oculus Rift

By - Source: Tom's Hardware US | B 12 comments

Adhesive Games just announced that Hawken will support the Oculus Rift.

Though the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is still not yet a reality, it's already gained plenty of traction in the way of its success. Currently, its Kickstarter sits uncomfortably close to $2 million with just a few days left until its fundraising period closes. It also doesn't hurt that the headset has the support of id Software's John Carmack, who liked the headset so much that he saw fit to make the the re-release of DOOM 3, the BFG Edition, support gameplay with the Oculus Rift.

The Oculus Rift is wisely seeking out more developers to develop for the headset... and it seems to be doing so with success.

Recently, Adhesive Games announced that its first title, the free-to-play mech game Hawken, would support the Oculus Rift. Considering the legacy of mech games like Steel Battalion, which was known for the complex hardware controls that shipped with the title, having a VR headset interface for a first person shooter mech combat game couldn't be more fitting.

The Oculus Rift developer kit is expected to ship sometime in December 2012 (the release date for the public is still to be determined.) Coincidentally, Hawken's projected release date is December 12, 2012, where those who funded the Oculus Rift Kickstarter will get the first peek at a mech combat interface within a VR headset.


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Top Comments
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    deicided , August 29, 2012 3:30 AM
    I really hope this one takes off. I want more readily available VR!!!
Other Comments
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    Anonymous , August 29, 2012 3:21 AM
    This made me nerdgasm..
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    deicided , August 29, 2012 3:30 AM
    I really hope this one takes off. I want more readily available VR!!!
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    alidan , August 29, 2012 4:17 AM
    haveing this...
    haveing the controler for it...

    sure, if they bump it to 1280x720 per eye i will bite, but not till than...
    and when that happnes ill be willing to drop 1k for a full setup.

    that being said, im intrested if this will work in a desktop setting...

    i know it would be something like 1280x720 per eye with a consumer version, possibly up to 1920x1080, but would the vr still work? could i effectivly have a 19200x10800 desktop (exaggeration i know) because that would be an instant buy for me if that was the case.
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    invlem , August 29, 2012 4:27 AM
    Here's hoping this succeeds!
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    kcorp2003 , August 29, 2012 4:45 AM
    This is one indie game i kept a very close eye on since it was announced. Closed beta, is starting very soon. They are really pushing the Unreal Engine. I hope it gets to onlive.

    Game releases 12/12/12 :) 
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    archange , August 29, 2012 11:00 AM
    @Occulus team:

    (seconding and thirding my forespeakers)
    Please bump up the resolution. Please. Pretty please?
  • -1 Hide
    Menigmand , August 29, 2012 11:06 AM
    What happened to Carmac's own 3D-glasses?
  • -1 Hide
    Menigmand , August 29, 2012 11:07 AM

    Why is there no edit button for comments? :) 
  • 0 Hide
    schiwing , August 29, 2012 1:36 PM
    menigmand*Carmack'sWhy is there no edit button for comments?

    Because you need to go to the forum post; yes, it is dumb.
  • 0 Hide
    alidan , August 29, 2012 1:54 PM
    menigmand*Carmack'sWhy is there no edit button for comments?

    wasnt he working with these people and the head sets they make are the ones he used? granted he is useing a pre release version not the consumer one, but same thing really, just lesser resolution.
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    gentlydownthestream , August 29, 2012 2:30 PM
    OMG YES YES YEEEEEEES !!! sticky substance on screen...
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    Vorador2 , August 29, 2012 2:43 PM
    archange@Occulus team:( seconding and thirding my forespeakers)Please bump up the resolution. Please. Pretty please?

    The one from Kickstarter is a dev kit, supposedly the commercial kit will have several improvements, amongst them upped res.